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Shipments Originating in Canada (Halifax)

For Shipments originating in Canada for delivery to Halifax, Nova Scotia:

  1. All shipments ship via Sameday Worldwide Expedited Ground Service, collect to:

    L3 Electronic System Services, Inc.
    249 Aerotech Drive
    Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada B2T 1K9

    Sameday Worldwide Toll Free Phone Number:

    Please contact Tom Duggan at Tel: (902) 873-2000
    ext. 6154 for courier account number information.

    Consolidate all orders on one bill of lading. The L3 Electronic System Services purchase order must appear in the description field of the bill of lading.

  2. Do not insure.

  3. Indicate number of cartons on outside of each carton (i.e., 1 of 2, 2 of 2).

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods Shipments

  1. Please contact Tom Duggan Tel: (902) 873-2000 ext. 6154 for shipping instruction for goods classified as restricted under ICAO, IATA or TDGR, or if have any questions.

NOTE: For PDF copies of the Canada Customs Invoice and the NAFTA Certificate of Origin, go to the Shipping and Routing Instructions Section of the website.